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Children's Classes

 Psalm 78:6-7
                         "…and arise and tell them to their children, 
                  so that they should set their hope in God."

We know that ministering to children is very important.  Right now we have Sunday School classes for preschool to K5 and 1st to 6th grade.  We also have a Teen Class and Children's Church(during the morning service).  

Currently, the children are studying the book of Joshua and the children of Israel in the promised land. 

Previous Studies
The Tabernacle.

 The New Testament, beginning with John the Baptist and continuing through the life of Jesus.

The children have studied Old Testament stories including the Kings of Israel.  They have studied King Saul and King David, and progressed through 1 and 2 Kings; including the stories of  David & Goliath,  the friendship of David & Jonathan, and the story of Abigail & Nabal.

The children's Bible class has completed a study about the "Names of God," their meanings, and stories in the Old Testament that use them. 

Jehovah - The Great I AM. The Self-Existent One
Jehovah Jireh - The LORD will provide
Jehovah Rapha - The LORD our healer
Jehovah Nissi - The LORD is my Banner
Jehovah Tsidkenu - The LORD our Righteousness
Jehovah Shalom - The LORD is peace
Jehovah Sabaoth - LORD of hosts
Jehovah Mekaddishkhem - The LORD who sanctifies
Melek - King
Adonai - Lord and Master
Adonai Roi - The Lord is my Shepherd
Elohim - Creator
El Elyon - God Most High
El Shaddai - God Almighty: The All-sufficient One
El Roi - God who sees
El Kanno - God is a jealous God
El Olam - Everlasting God


The Tabernacle Study

Our Children's class completed a study on the Tabernacle of the Old Testament. 

During this study they learned the layout and the elements of the tabernacle and also the meanings of these things that were eventually revealed through the Person of Jesus Christ.

Here are a few pictures of the last day of the study.